Driving Growth for a B2C Company
A Case Study by W Marketing Group

Our client, a B2C company, was struggling to generate sales and brand awareness in a competitive market. They hired W Marketing Group to craft data-driven marketing strategies to increase website traffic, leads, and revenue.



The client had plateaued over the past four years, unable to grow beyond a certain revenue threshold. Their current marketing tactics were outdated and ineffective. They needed an expert team to optimize their online presence and implement high-ROI campaigns.



W Marketing Group performed in-depth analysis of their website performance, target audience interests, and competitors. We developed integrated digital marketing campaigns across three key channels:

  • Social Media - Optimized profiles, strategic paid ads, and relevant organic content
  • Email Marketing - Segmented outreach strategy with personalized messaging
  • Video On Demand - Ran targeted video ads on streaming/Cable VOD platforms like Hulu and Comcast


Results In the first year working with W Marketing Group, the client saw outstanding growth:

  • Total ROI of 1489% on marketing investment
  • 41% increase in website traffic
  • 29% boost in annual revenue
  • 433% ROI on new business revenue generated

The client continues to see double-digit revenue gains year-over-year thanks to expanded brand visibility and digital presence.

From the Client:  "We thought we had hit a plateau in terms of revenue, we had been stuck at the same numbers pretty much for 4 years. After one year of working with W Marketing Group we realized we were wrong. Year over Year we increased revenue by 20% at least, and even 30% the first year! I don't know how they did it, but the strategies they came up with almost all worked out and even the ones we thought would do nothing saw amazing results. Thank you W Marketing Group!"